7 Free Blog Topic Research Tools – Endless Topic Ideas

Finding good blog post topics can be difficult. Why? Because you need to know what people want to read and you need to keep up with trending topics that change year after year, month after month, and sometimes daily.

You can either spend your days staring at the blank screen trying to come up with a creative topic, or you can start blogging about anything and hope for the best, which will be a risky and a waste of time if that post will not bring results.

With the right topics ideas, you will know what topics to blog about and you will get more visitors or readers more easily to your website.

This article will take you through 7 different tools that you can use to find endless blog topic ideas and topics that are trending.

1. Right Relevance

If you want to find the latest trending topics, Right Relevance is the right one for you. Right relevance shows you all the recent trending topics on any niche online.

It shows you the latest blog posts that are trending and all the related topics depending on what you searched for or your main keyword.

Use the filter to sort by location, relevance, time, articles, videos (if you only want videos), or by topic score. The topic score shows how vital the topic is.

You can switch to influencers based on what you searched or the keyword you selected. It shows you the top influencers on the topic or niche.

If you have a Twitter account, you can connect it to this tool and it will show you what’s trending on Twitter depending on what you follow on your Twitter account.

2. Buzzsumo

Buzzsumo is a blog topic gold mine. With Buzzumo, you can easily find any trending topics around your niche or any niche, and lets you discover endless content ideas.

With this tool, can be able to stay up to date with trending topics including keywords. We all know the advantage of using keywords that are starting to trend.

In Buzzsumo, with a simple search, you find all the popular and most engaging Blogposts around your niche, giving you the right topic ideas on a silver platter. You can easily know engaging and trending topics and what people want to read.

You can filter your results by time giving you all the recent trending topics around your niche and recommended topics.

With Buzzsumo you will discover the latest keywords that are performing.

Being the first person to use a keyword when it starts to trend is an opportunity to rank your content high before they get competitive. Take advantage of this.

3. Answer the public.

This is a free tool that generates topic or content ideas for you in a way that users ask on google, social media, and forums. It combines your primary keyword with questions people ask on the internet.

Simply enter your target topic in the search box, answer the public will generate the common questions users ask about that topic.

In most cases when users are deciding what to buy, they usually compare two products to find out which one is better and worth their money.

If you want to know how users ask questions about products, this tool will be useful.

4. Udemy

Do you want to find topics that people are willing to paying for, for free? Udemy is an online learning website where people buy and sell courses on different topics.

With Udemy you’ll find all the topics that people are interested in, and are paying for.

Search courses by category or by keyword. Scroll down to their bestselling courses. In no time you have the topics that people are willing to pay for, and you can use them as your blog topics.

5. Amazon

You can find a lot of trending content using amazon books. Just like Udemy, to find topics that people are interested in, it works almost the same way.

In the search box, enter the keyword you are targeting. Look for a book with a lot of positive ratings. Click on ‘look inside’ to see the table of content inside the book. With this, you have the blog topics that people are interested in.

6. Feedly

Feedly is another blog topic gold mine. Just like Buzzsumo, Feedly almost works the same way.

Enter a primary Keyword on the search box, it gives you all the best sources of that topic. You can change the tab to see different keywords related to your primary keyword or your main keyword.

If you want to increase your search results, you can connect the tool to your Twitter account and Reddit account.

7. influence.co

Get topics that people are interested in directly to you. In Influence.co, they’re a lot of discussions about different topics including topics about your niche.

You can use it to know what people want or what people are interested in. People ask questions about different topics giving a clear picture of what people want to know.


If you want your blogs to succeed, blog topics that people want to read about. By using all these tools, for sure you’ll have endless topics of what people are interested in, and keep up to date with what people currently want.

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