How to Easily Convert Website Visitors into Loyal Customers

Getting a large number of visitors to your website is great. But people just visiting your website or landing page without buying anything will not bring your profit unless you have a massive budget for google ads, which is not enough.

Increasing conversion rates can be hard if they don’t know you or your brand. So how can you cold visitors into loyal customers without breaking a sweat? If this is what you want, you are at the right place.

1. Your landing page

A lot of aspects of your landing page can help you boost your conversion rates. If a visitor is on your landing page, you are one step close to make that visitor into a customer. The visitor just needs a little push to be converted into a customer.

i. Design a good landing page

What is the first thing the visitor will notice when they arrive at your landing page? The design of your landing page. An easy way to gain a customer’s trust is to make your landing page look attractive and professional.

If it doesn’t look professional, it is easy for the visitor to leave and not make a purchase and bounce away. Having a professionally designed landing page brings extra light and the extra push of turning a normal visitor into a customer.

If you have different products placed on your website, it is a good idea to create a different landing page for each product.

Brizy cloud is one of the best landing page builders and it is 100% free. Yes, it has a paid version, but the free version is more than good enough to build a professional-looking landing page.

An advantage of using Brizy cloud is that you can use it in WordPress to build your landing page. If you do not have WordPress, you can still create the landing page and host it for free on a third-party platform.

If you want to collect emails at the same time, Moosend is the perfect alternative. With Moosend you can build landing pages for free and collect emails at the same time. With Brizy, you will need to connect it to a third-party tool, which can get complicated.

ii. Engaging content on your landing page

This can be a brief explanation of your product or products. It is highly unlikely that a visitor buys a product from your website without a little explanation about the product.

In most cases, videos work better than written explanations. You’ve probably have seen this in most landing pages whereby a video automatically plays when the landing page loads. Videos convert because people love videos, and so do your visitors.

iii. Add a CTA (Call to action) in the right places

On this part, most people get it wrong. Most people will want a visitor to purchase a product as soon as they arrive at the landing page. In reality, visitors want to know more information about your product or products.

As mentioned above visitors will want to know a brief explanation about the product or a video would convert better.

A CTA or a checkout button should be close to the product. In most cases on the middle of the landing page or at the bottom.

Another mistake that most people make is adding multiple checkout buttons around the landing page. One or two is enough.

iv. Results/testimonies

This is one of the best ways of turning a visitor into a loyal customer This is because testimonies show that people love your product and they show that your product works. This tactic is mostly used by people in the health niche, but it works for any niche

To get testimonies, you can just simply give your product for free to a few people and tell them to give feedback. It’s more like a deal. Free product for feedback.

To get testimonies, you can just simply give your product for free to a few people and tell them to give feedback. It’s more like a deal. Free product for feedback.

Once you have collected the testimonials, place screenshots of them on your landing page. Most companies or websites ask their buyers to take a clip recommending the product. You can do the same.

2. Reduce the loading time of your landing page

Having a website that loads faster is one of the basics of SEO. No one likes to wait for a webpage that takes forever to load. A webpage, in this case, your landing page should be to load within a second or two. Your landing page should not load for more than two seconds.

Getting people to your landing page is the first step. If people are not able to get to your landing page because of the loading time, you’ll not make any profit. So, make sure that the speed of all the pages on your website loads fast.

3. Market your product to the right people

Marketing your product to the right people is critical. If you market your product to the wrong people, you’ll get the to your landing page, but they are unlikely to buy. This is because you targeted the wrong customers.

So, before creating a campaign, always make sure that you are targeting the right people.

4. Warm-up potential customers

If you want to increase your conversion rates, you have to prepare potential customers, getting them ready for the product. One of the best ways to do this is to build an email list. We all know how powerful an email list is.

To gain the trust of the people in your email list, educate them for free about similar topics that are close to your product.

You can do this in a period of 2 to 3 months. In this way, you will build a connection with your email list.

The power of building a connection with your email list is that you can know what they want. In this way, you can create other products according to their needs. This is an easy way to be sure that your product will sell easily.

If you have a Youtube channel, this will work best for you.

This is because it is easy to convince people with video especially your subscribers. With youtube, it is easy for your video to reach people who are interested in your product even if they are not subscribers. This is why most youtube videos get more views than subscribers.

5. Add a down-sell

We all want a large majority of visitors to make a purchase. Downsells will do it for you. Some of your visitors will not have a strong budget to buy your product.

A down-sell should be cheap compared to the main product. This works best for visitors who do not have enough budget.

The best landing page builder that lets you do this is It is an easy drag-and-drop landing page builder which comes with over 200 templates you can choose from. With Wishpond, you can advertise your products with pop-up ads. It is worth using.

6. Have a free trial option/Cashback guarantee

This is an easy way to build trust between you and your customers. This is why most services always have a trial period. Usually 14 days or 30 days.

This works best if you are offering a service. A free trial tells your visitors that you are confident about your product. If it doesn’t work for them, they have an option of getting back their money.

Wrap up.

The bottom line is, every visitor that comes to your landing page is a potential customer. They just need an extra push to buy the product. If you take these steps, you can turn ice-cold visitors into customers effortlessly. In the long run, your conversion rates will increase.

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