3 Easy Steps To Build an Email List Without Breaking a sweat

Email marketing is one of the fundamental sources of traffic to a blog and in most cases, to a landing page of a product or a freebie. Having an email list is important as it creates a connection between you and your email subscribers or customers

According to Hubspot, 90% of content marketers use email as their main source of engagement.

This is a practice of getting people to subscribe to your email list to get updates when you have new content when you have a product, or to interact with them to satisfy their needs.

In this article, you will learn how to build an email list easily and the best places you can find people who will subscribe to your list. Let’s dive right in.

1. Get a trustworthy email marketing tool

Before building an email list, the first step is to get a quality email tool. There are a lot of email tools on the market most of which can be expensive if you have a small budget.

If you want an easy-to-use email marketing tool and get started for free, get started with GetResponse or Moosend.

The main reason why Get Response outstands the rest of the email marketing tools is the fact that you get started for free and it is cheap compared to most email marketing tools. If you want to get started for free, Get Response is the best option.

Another advantage of using Get Response, if you have a product or a giveaway, get response lets you build a high-quality landing page for free. So, if you have a freebie or a product and you need a high-quality landing page, use get Response for free.

Moosend, one of the cheapest email marketing tools is a great option and you can use it for free with the free-forever-pan. With the pro plan, you can get started with just $8, making it perfect for all those with a small budget.

2. Give away something for free in exchange for an email

People love free things. You do too! This could be something physical or something digital like an eBook, free video training, an audio file, a coupon, a cheat sheet, or anything that can work for you.

When creating these freebies, you need to make sure they are valuable and it is what your target audience wants. Your freebie can be valuable but it might not be what your audience wants.

3. Build a landing page for your freebie.

Before you start to promote your freebie, you need a landing page where people will be able to enter their emails and get access to your freebie.

There are a lot of landing page builders both cheap and expensive ones. You can build responsive landing pages on GetResponse completely for free without wasting your money on expensive landing pages.

Most landing page builders need an external email marketing tool to collect your emails. This is where get response stands out. You have your landing page and collect your emails in one place without the need for two different tools working together.

Have everything up and running within minutes with a bunch of predesigned templets you can just edit or use them as they are to save your time

Key highlights
  • Use a cheap or free email marketing software to save money (Moosend or Get Response)
  • Your giveaway should focus on helping people and not just the sake of building your list
  • The quality of your landing page will affect your the number of emails you’ll collect. If your landing page isn’t good enough or attractive, most people will bounce away. Use the high-quality free templates in Get responce.

Since you got everything set up, it’s time to promote your freebie to build your email list.

How to Promote your Freebie.

1. Use your blog/website

If you have a blog, this is the best way to promote your freebie. In your blog, talk about a topic related to the topic in your freebie. Grab the reader’s attention and in the end, offer them something for free. This is an easy win.

At the end of your blog, add a CTA (call to action) to the landing page you have built.


If you are using WordPress, there are a lot of popup plugins you can use. When readers are reading your content, you can add a popup of your freebie to detailed information about the particular blog they are reading.

2. Use social media

We all know that almost everyone is on social media and it is easy to grab people’s attention.

Instagram is a powerful social media channel if you want to build your email list or. If you want to collect emails using Instagram, place the link to your freebie or blog in your bio and story. In that way, people easily access it without messaging people one at a time.

To increase the click-through rate, mention your freebie on your Instagram posts and story multiple times, to let people know about your freebie. This is an easy way to get peoples emails who are interested In that niche

Create a private Facebook group and build a community. This is one of the best and easy ways of promoting your freebie.

Most people would say that Facebook groups don’t work anymore, but if you are providing value to people, you can get emails.

You can also use Facebook stories to promote your group or freebie. In that way, you get a lot of attention. Pinterest is another powerful social channel you can use to get people to your freebie

Key highlight
  • Use as many social media channels as you can to get the best results
  • Posting consistently gets more attraction to your freebie
  • Post relevant information or posts

3. Use cold email outreach

Cold email outreach is emailing people who are not on your list but might be interested in your freebie and content. If you do this the right way, a lot of your cold emails will be opened will convert.

Cold email outreach is powerful because you can reach a lot of people quickly. To get these emails, a lot of people on all social media add their contact details. You can use this to your advantage.

Key Highlight
  • Your emails should be short and sweet in order to avoid your email ending up in the spam.
  • Avoid pictures or HTML emails, they end up in the promotions tab.
  • Use different emails to know which ones are working best

4. Run Paid Ads.

Even if your budget is very small, you can run paid ads for as little as $0.30 per click. Ads are one of the most effective ways because you reach directly to people who want your freebie and are interested in your content

Google ads and Facebook ads work best.


Try as much as you can to give a freebie once in a while. A good practice is once or twice a month. This will build a good connection between you and your email subscribers. It will also encourage them not to unsubscribe from your email list.

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